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Ralph Quinn PhD divides his professional life between university teaching and private psychotherapy practice.
For 34 years he taught classes at the University of California Santa Cruz. Among his offerings were Personality Theory, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Moral Psychology Senior Seminar, Psychology and Religion, and Humanistic Psychology.
All of his classes were informed by an Existential-Humanistic perspective, and his pedagogy was similarly informed. He believed that the more real he could be as a teacher and the more directly relevant to his students' lives he could make his assignments and lectures, the more would his teachings truly impact the students.
Ralph retired from his formal position at the university in 2018, but is still hoping to affect his students through this website on which you will find several talks about aspects of psychology that might have bearing on your life today or at least remind you of some of the topics we talked and even got excited about in class together at UCSC.

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